HIGH CARDS Vol 1 Limited Editions

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About Us

The Volume 1 Packs are the first offering from High Cards. It is a drugs-themed card game for two or more players. Whether you’re a high-flying psychonaut or just someone who drinks loads of coffee in the morning, High Cards has something for you. Featuring twenty-nine drugs and five game-changing Joker Cards, players compete in categories such as ‘global market value’ and ‘risk of death’ and try to win all their opponents’ cards. The pack features fun facts about legal and illegal drugs from the mind-expanding to the life-destroying, and will change the way you look at drugs forever... Know your drugs? Think again!

About You

High Cards is a brand new card game! We’re still developing our offerings to all you beautiful people out there. Starting with the Volume 1 Packs we’re going to be creating a series of limited edition print runs, aiming to make each new edition of High Cards better than the last. Please join us online and tell us what you think:


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